Learning and Free SEO Course | Free SEO Training Course

Learning and Free SEO Course | Free SEO Training Course –  Thanks to all the friends who have been taking the time to visit the blog Learning SEO blog. I would like to shared knowledge about SEO that I learned from the video tutorial and ebook on SEO, and from the experience master etc. . Learning SEO is something anyone can do. And the best part is you can do it mostly on your own as long as you know where to begin.

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Unlike the pioneers of SEO, who learned everything the hard way, and struggled to gather information, new generations have it all handed to them. However, the information is not always structured. You need to approach more than one resource in order to get into the subtleties of search engine optimization.

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Learning material and Course SEO Guide

  • How Search engine Work.
  • How to develop keywords into a niche blog .
  • How to Practice SEO / SEO practice is right on the website or blog.
  • How SEO management by using SEO tools.
  • How Building Link | SEO Link Bulding.
  • how building Link | SEO link Building Social media.
  • How Planing SEO or manage the planning SEO.
  • How to measure and report the success of your SEO.

SEO keyword | How to perform keyword research

The need for key word research is well known, by the proliferation of key word research tools, services and software that exist on the web. The task is most web business owners don’t really understand the worthiness from it or if it’s important to allow them to do it. On this record, we’ll dive comprehensive into what key word research is and just why it’s crucial for you as well as your business.

Key word research is the procedure of brainstorming, researching and choosing which keywords to focus on in your business.

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Usually key word research will come in two parts: Selecting your primary specific niche market and keywords, selecting specific low-competition keywords to focus on and dominate then.

The benefits of doing keyword research

Doing key word research is important in lots of ways. What exactly are the great things about doing key word research?

Of all first, you’ll save lots of time by doing the correct keyword research. Rather than building your websites and expecting that it’ll work, you’re determining if it’ll work before you create a single page.

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You’re only adding work into building promotions and webpages you know are specifically targeted for keywords probably to generate traffic and clients.

You will also learn a great deal about your market in the key word research process.

The Potential issues Of Not Doing Proper KEY WORD RESEARCH

What can happen unless you do your key word research properly?

What’s probably to occur is that you will spend a lot of time creating and promoting your website, and then have hardly any to no profits.

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Imagine investing in all the mental, physical and psychological work of creating a website. All of the dreams and desires of the amount of money you want to make. And then have all that wash down the drain.

Not doing all your keyword research if you are starting a site is like beginning a restaurant without doing research on the positioning you’re starting the restaurant at.

Here are some of the benefits of doing keyword research or SEO Keywords:

  • Can target the keywords that many visitors.
  • Can optimize the post especially SEO On page.
  • Can see the value of keyword clicks and see how much the value of keyword clicks.