Prevent Your Emails From Going Straight To The Spam Folder

Being an online marketer, you can very well comprehend the worth of creating an email list, communication with your prospect and building an association together.

Your email list is where the actual profits lie. This is the best way of staying in touch with potential clients and getting repeated visitors to your website without spending any extra penny.

But your list is of no use if you will not do some of the really necessary things to safeguard that your emails are being delivered on time and in a correct manner.

To save time, email dispatching tools are used to dispatch emails in bulk. But most of the time those emails are left unverified which automatically sends them to the user’s spa folder.

It is highly suggested to use bulk email verifier also to get the emails verified side-by-side.

Still the question popups… What are spam filters and how do they work?

A spam filter is a particular online tool that aids in quickly assessing an email against a set list of standards to elect whether it is a spam or not.

One of the standards might be a phrase like “FREE,” “CLICK HERE,” “WHY PAY MORE” or “BUY NOW.”

These points are given almost every time, when one of those phrases occurs.

This is just one criteria, there are more to explore, so continue to read the article:

Suppose уоur еmаіl саmраіgn’s tоtаl роіnt sсоrе ехсееds the already sеt thrеshоld, уоur еmаіl will аutоmаtісаllу considered аs sраm аnd will gеt quаrаntіnеd.

  • Keep a note:  While engaging with a new client ask for their permissions first and take their permissions to send them emails. If they agree, ask them to install the email verifying software, so that your sent mails do not go into the spam folder.


  • The very important thing that you need to do is to check email validity of each and every email you send with the help of software to avoid penalties in future.
  • The best email good email service provider to send email on time and to the write client.
  • Service providers are experienced and they will able to help you upsurge the success of any email advertising campaigns you have.
  • Read this post, timely email verification done by service providers will save you from email bounces also.